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Stress Relief & Spirituality Services from a Certified Brooklyn Hypnotist

What would it be like to have more motivation than you ever dreamed of, to easily achieve your goals or to overcome the obstacles that are holding you back – such as anger, sadness, or chronic anxiety? Is your self-esteem and confidence where you want it to be? How well do you handle stress?

Your initial consultation at New Age Relaxation Center is FREE! We offer individual sessions as well as group sessions that focus on a common goal, such as smoking or weight loss.

You can improve those aspects of your life and more at New Age Relaxation Center! You can even conquer your fears and phobias. While fear is part of a natural defense mechanism for ensuring survival we sometimes experience fear even when there is no real threat.

Fear of public speaking, fear of success and fear of failure are all common examples. Fears, phobias and general anxiety issues are very treatable through our services. Most clients are able to shed their fears and phobias in as few as one to three sessions.

The mind-body connection in health and wellness is an established science and quickly becoming part of the mainstream in modern healthcare. Together, we work with other professionals to promote health and wellness from a comprehensive and holistic perspective. Natural tools like hypnotherapy for healing and wellness can be an effective adjunct therapy for a wide variety of medical and psychological issues.

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