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"Dr. Jeudy really opened my mind to the world of hypnosis. I brought a lot of change in my life and the life of others.  Thanks Dr. Jeudy."
- Pamela Johnson, Brooklyn, NY

"Classes at New Age Metaphysical Hypnosis school was an enjoyable way to study and been certified in hypnosis. I highly recommend this school."
- Denise Altidor, Brooklyn, NY

"I attended one of Dr. Jeudy's classes in 2010 and I was very impressed with Dr. Jeudy 's mastery of hypnosis and his easy approach to teaching his art.  I would highly recommend this course to anyone interested to learning hypnosis in a rapid and concise way."
- Jack Anderson, NewYork, NY

"Dr. Jeudy was able to explain hypnosis in an easy way for anyone to understand.  I have learned more things about myself with this hypnosis manual than I learned in four years of college."
- Richard White, Queens, NY


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